hAutomatic sorting and packing


IGH provides a total automatic packing system to prepare pallet for storage and/or delivery to customers.

The packing systems are compact to reduce the total occupied area. They are based on a mix of anthropomorphic and gantry robots to move automatically and with the maximum flexibility of the parts composing the final pallet. Main actions of the packing systems are:

  • Loading from trolley or from bobbin conveying unit

  • Wooden pallet support handling

  • Carton box shaping

  • Separator layer handling (with or without bobbin holder), in various material and different maps

  • Bobbin wrapping

  • Separation layer handling

  • Pallet strapping

  • Pallet weighing

  • Pallet wrapping

  • Pallet labelling

IGH has also successfully installed powerful packing systems suitable to manage multiple 30,000 bobbins per day production lots. IGH supplies packing systems for medium capacity production lots as well. For the small production units dedicated to specialty yarn, with the peculiarity to produce many small lots at the same time, IGH can supply automatic and semi-automatic packing systems using small flexible robots and in-line bobbin storages.